Windows with a slightly bevelled outline of the outer contours, ideally suited for renovated buildings kept in an ancient style.

The AWS 70 RL.HI system has been equipped with Schüco AvanTec fittings, giving an incredible design and comfort while improving heat insulation.

  • Maintaining the old-fashioned style of buildings
  • Obtaining interesting visual effects while increasing heat insulation
  • Suitable to combine with the Schüco AWS 70.HI profile range
  • Suitable to combine with Schüco ADS doors

Technical Information

Installation depth 80 mm
Min. external profile width 99 mm
Uf coefficient (>=) 1,50
Max. glazing thickness 57 mm
Opening method inwards
Surface finishing Powder / Anode / Varnish / Duraflon / Colour series


Sound insulation [dB]48
Air permeability Class 4
Water resistance 9A
Burglary resistance RC 3
Wind load resistance C5/B5