Schüco originated from the Federal Republic of Germany, founded by Heinz Schürmann in 1954. Since then the company has cooperated with 12,000 partners in more than 80 countries around the world, employing 4900 people. The group focuses on the distribution of windows, doors, façades, and sliding systems for sunscreening and safety. Apart from many innovative products for residential and commercial buildings, it offers coating and design expertise. Their plants are equipped with production machines providing a 360° sustainable development cycle.

The Schüco Group works hard to become a leader in technology and services for the construction industry. Nowadays Schüco is a technology leader in building shells, looking for new solutions. The company is a competent partner for architects, manufacturers and investors. Its uniqueness rests in the combination of a strong brand with a modern design and quality, awarded with many certificates. Schüco has become one of the pioneers in the field of resource efficiency. The systems provide the opportunity to save resources “from cradle to cradle”.