Winter Garden CMC 50

The Schüco CMC 50 Winter Garden stands for a new standard of architectural freedom

Schüco Winter Gardens CMC 50 are based on the Schüco SMC 50 façades. The removal of certain elements and the prefabrication of the rafters have reduced total costs and the time required for realisation. The system has very good thermal insulation properties, guaranteeing maximum energy savings.

The Winter Garden offers an extended living area and additional opening to daylight, as the glazing functions as a heat storage tank, thus reducing the heat demand from heating systems. The temperature between the building and the outdoor air with the conservatory is much lower than in a house without a winter garden. It is a connector between the house and its surroundings known as the buffer zone.

A variety of different solutions are available: Garden with a single-pitched roof (at the wall of the building), a single-pitched roof surrounding the corner of the building, a mansard roof, a single-pitched roof overlapping the roof slope of the main building, a single-pitched roof integrated into the balcony, a single-pitched roof with a one-sided corner, a single-pitched roof with a two-sided corner, a polygonal roof around the corner of the building.

  • Winter garden reduces heating energy requirements
  • Modular system
  • Simple installation
  • Seals integrated into profiles