AluprofThe company was established at the beginning of the 20th century as a manufactory of August Gross, Jan Ochsner and Karol Szwabe in Bielsko. The company has been operating under the name Aluprof since 1997, constantly developing its products and services. We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers through innovative technologies and modern machinery, producing durable and reliable products. The construction department develops revolutionary construction technologies, following users' guidelines, market demand, constantly improving its knowledge through research and quality monitoring at every stage of production.

Aluprof specialises in the design, manufacture, and distribution of aluminium systems for the construction industry. Our company offers window and door systems as well as façades, available all over the world. We sell products in the majority of Europe and the United States. Its representatives are located all over Europe, including Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania, Denmark, Great Britain, Hungary, and Ukraine, also in the USA. Aluprof systems fulfil the highest European standards, concerning the quality of alloys, performance tolerance along with strength characteristics, confirmed with many certificates.