The ASS 70 FD stands for an aluminium folding-sliding door system to fill the house with light. The system provides more space than classic balcony doors. It opens the house to the outside view by letting the maximum amount of air into the room. By its shape, it makes the architecture of the building richer and more attractive. It is an ideal solution for residential buildings.

The door is composed of segments, which fold like a harmonica in a fast and compact way without taking up much space. The sashes open inwards or outwards and moved to the right or left without using force. The Schüco ASS 70 FD represents one of the best ways of visually expanding your living space.

  • Stability
  • High thermal insulation
  • Possibility to increase noise resistance
  • Sashes do not require much space
  • ВPossibility to adjust the colours to your requirements