High Insulation - Schüco ADS 70.HI doors combine the best thermal insulation with the profiles of Schüco ADS door systems. The installation depth of 70 mm guarantees high structural stability. Multifunctional doors (extensive accessories) can be integrated into the safety system. A variant with a rounded contour is also available - SL version.

Doors with high thermal insulation perfectly contribute to the energy balance of the building - with the greatest freedom of design.

They are available in Residential Line (RL), Soft Line (SL) or Heavy Duty (HD) versions with automatic sealing of the door threshold, filling covering the sash, access control and the possibility to integrate the building management system with radio control.

  • Foamed insulators improve thermal protection
  • External width (visible) 147 mm
  • Uf coefficient 1,8 W/(m2K)
  • Burglar resistance Class RC3 (WK 3)
  • Maximum sash weight 150 kg
  • Stepless adjustment of roller hinges in three planes
  • Opening and closing up to 500,000 cyclesв

Technical Information

Installation depth 70 mm
Uf coefficient(>=) 1.8
Height 2500 mm
Width 1250 mm
Opening method inwards and outwards
Function Public utility building / Residential building
Surface finishing Powder / Anode / Varnish / Duraflon / Color series


Air permeability Class 2
Water resistance Class 5а
Wind load resistance Class 2
Burglary resistance Up to WK3