The MB-SR50 EFEKT system has been designed for the construction of lightweight hanging and infill curtain walls. Economic profiles have been obtained by optimising the cross-section shape and selection of required wall thickness.

Optimum aluminium consumption is guaranteed by a large number of transoms and mullions available in the system. In case the loads are very high, each column can be additionally reinforced with internal aluminium sections, increasing the strength of the columns.

Profile processing remains simple, thus significantly reducing workload while eliminating cuts in the side surfaces of the mullions.

The appropriate class of thermal insulation has been achieved through the application of a thermal break made of HPVC insulating material and EPDM glazing gaskets, reducing water vapour condensation to a minimum.

Using non-flammable materials (mineral wool, plasterboard), fire classification F0.25(EI15)NRO, F0.5(EI45)NRO was obtained (depending on the construction). All system accessories (connectors and supports) are made of AlMgSi0,5F22 aluminium alloy.

Technical Information

Pillars depth 15-185 mm
Transom depth 5-104 mm
Pillars stiffness 3,92 – 701,89 cm4
Transom stiffness 0,79 – 263,46 cm4
Glazing range 28 – 46 mm
Air permeability AE1200; EN 12153:2003; EN 12152:2002
Water resistance RE1500; EN 12155:2003; EN 12154:2002
Wind load resistance 1800 Pa EN 12179:2002; EN 13116:2002
Thermal insulation (Uf) From 1,1 W/(m2K)