SFC 85

The Schüco SFC 85 (Stick Frame Construction) is a structural façade option. Opening elements and fixed fields are integrated into the façade, thus looking identical on the outside and inside. The Schüco SFC 85 façade features European Technical Approval ETA-07-0120 for 1- and 2-chamber glazing. Clip elements integrated into the supporting structure reach dimensions up to 2700 mm wide and 3600 mm high. It is possible to install heavy elements (up to 300 kg) for fixed fields.

  • The structural facade in the HI variant features high thermal insulation
  • The visible internal width of 85 mm
  • Clip elements for windows with a maximum weight of 250 kg
  • Three glazing variants: a standard unit with glazing bead, UV-resistant glazing, steppe glazing

Technical Information

Uf coefficient(>=) 2,1
Min. external profile width 85 mm
Surface finishing Powder / Anode / Varnish / Duraflon / Colour series
Impact resistance I5 / E5