FWS 60

The Schüco FWS 60 façade combines simple processing with energy efficiency at the passive construction level. Above all, this façade is more convenient to process both in the workshop and on the construction site. The use of new prefabricated components significantly reduces the realisation time. Glass supports have also been used, allowing the easy and safe installation of heavy elements.

Schüco has developed an innovative cable routing system for the mullion and transom façade, providing the contractor with a simplified electrical installation.


  • Uf value up to 0.70 W/(m²K) for SI system
  • Uf value up to 0.9 W/(m²K) for HI insulator
  • Complete solutions for integration of Schüco BIPV photovoltaic systems


  • Various profile widths may be combined freely (35 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm and 80 mm widths)
  • Suitable to combine with Schüco AWS windows and ADS doors
  • Window and door elements in Schüco AWS, ADS, ASS systems
  • Easy installation of clip components in a range of variants


  • Innovative cabling system for safe and easy installation
  • Flexible cable routing during installation with rear cable duct on pillars
  • Schüco AWS 114 windows with parallel or tilt/turn opening system: large-format, automated and building control technology integrated window solutions for standard applications and smoke and heat transfer control
  • Clip frame profiles provide the possibility of installing Schüco TopTronic fittings


  • Burglary resistance Class RC 3 (WK 3)

Extended functionalities

  • The new range of glass supports: maximum weight for the simplest processing
  • The new range of glass supports: maximum weight for the simplest processing

Technical Information

Uf coefficient(>=) 0,67
Min. external profile width 60 mm
Burglary resistance RC3
Bullet resistance FB4