The FW 50+SG.SI façade is an elegant solution with a low heat transfer coefficient. The possibility of installing large-format, 1- or 2-chamber glazing, providing the best technical and architectural possibilities in shaping the building shell.

Large-area structural façades are available as FW 50+ SG (insulated heat) or Schüco FW 50+ SG.SI (high thermal insulation) with two-chamber glazing. A flush structural surface effect is achieved with profiles visible only internally. Externally, the glass joints are separated by narrow joints, creating the effect of large glass panes. A low heat transfer coefficient was obtained due to sealing tapes and two-chamber glazing.

Structural façades are available in semi-structural and full glass versions. A wide assortment of masking strips allows placing architectural accents vertically and horizontally on the façade.

  • Structural façade SG with 1- or 2-chamber glazing
  • The maximum glass dimensions of 2600 mm x 4200 mm;
  • Glazing thicknesses from 32 mm to 64 mm
  • Maximum panes weight up to 650 kg (use of the cross-pane supports)
  • Narrow joints: for the FW 50+ SG facade in three versions (recessed, flush with the applied seal, flush with wet silicone filling) or flush with wet silicone filling for the FW 50+ SG.SI façade
  • The use of stainless steel spacers, providing gas-tightness of the edge glass unit, SI insulators with high thermal insulation and sealing tapes guaranteeing very good thermal insulation
  • Fall protection
  • Burglary resistance Class RC 2 (WK2)
  • Fixing of insulating glass units with concealed elements
  • Automatic or manual bending of the distance frame possible

Technical Information

Surface finishing Powder / Anode / Varnish / Duraflon / Colour series
Min. glass thickness 32 mm
Max. glass thickness 64 mm
Burglary resistance RC2