Aluminium systems

Aluminium is a highly rewarding material with high heat insulation and an indescribable comfort of use for many years. The finest quality combined with the latest technology gives you the perfect sense of security. Thanks to the multitude of forms, colours, and styles, it is a frequent architect's choice. Aluminium is an attractive architectural solution for modern house and mansion construction, but also great, impressive investments as well as public utility buildings. Aluminium is not only windows but also doors, showcases, partition walls, winter gardens, façades or roller shutters.

Thanks to modern technology, we create delightful buildings that will impress with their architecture and design. We design self-sufficient buildings, obtaining water and energy from the surroundings, and at the same time becoming an integral part of urban infrastructure. Previously, aluminium was perceived merely as a cold material, now, due to the appropriate insulators, we succeed in creating large glazings providing warmth, more light into the rooms, also allowing for unusual projects adjusted to our requirements and architectural style.

Aluminium joinery is solid, functional and aesthetic. Interesting colours, fancy shapes, energy saving, safety, simple operation, resistance to weather conditions are just some out of the many qualities of aluminium systems.